CREATELAB FILMS is a London-based documentary production company creating independent videos for positive change, founded in 2000 by the multi award-winning team, Director of Photography Paul Lang and Filmmaker & Artist Lou Hamilton.


We work all over the world to make films that highlight the work of ethical businesses and NGOs who are encouraging peace, global justice and finding ways to improve the health of the planet and its people. We are honoured to be able to creatively tell these inspiring stories and support their momentum for change.

Lou created the character Brave New Girl & she has collaborated with the animation company Salamandra UK to bring her to life. In this 45 second film Brave New Girl finds freedom when her children fly the nest, but then, feeling lonely sends out messages to cheer herself up & suddenly she finds herself surrounded by like-minded souls who lift her up , and together as a tribe they fly off to an exciting future.

Agent: Christina Pickworth http://www.imaginetalent.co.uk


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