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Can You See Me? 10′ 100 West End stars transform Trafalgar square in a Flashmob aimed at raising awareness about child sex trafficking

10′ A campaign to educate every child in India

Being Martin 10′ One man with two rare conditions: Klippel Feil Syndrome and a Lust for Life


10′ How tourism boosts The Gambia’s education system



5′ A journey around India uncovers the troubled future of its ancient culture               MAESTROS WEBSITE

8′ The man behind the music

6′ Three decades captured through its music

13′ One woman’s courage after the suicide of her husband

Teaser for a feature documentary about the Cost of Faith as seen through the eyes of one man who has dedicated his life to helping people through his Ministry



“There are two reasons I loved working on the film “Desire Of The Pit-bull Warrior”; firstly is because I really believed in the script and thought the premise of two people being from completely different backgrounds but still being able to connect, help and inspire each other was very poignant. Secondly, director Lou Hamilton’s relaxed, naturalistic approach to filming was amazing, allowing me to improvise, ad lib and try different things with each take.”  Shaun Rivers. Actor

“Lou’s script was so powerful and sensitive and seemed so different in tone to anything that had gone before, it was the most attractive and challenging project for an actress. The film’s themes of propriety, invasion of privacy, violence and vulnerability were fascinating and Lou’s filming process allowed these to be explored thoroughly. It was truly a very special experience and one of which I was extremely proud to have been a part.” Carla Mendonca. Actress

Pitbull 12′ An unusual encounter between two people



Angie 16′ Jules grieves her girlfriend, deceased soldier Angie and has to cope with Angie’s estranged mother

 “Working with Lou Hamilton on her short film, ‘Angie’ was one of the best creative experiences I have had. The main reason for this was Lou’s total commitment to connecting the actors to the truth of the situation. She facilitated this by use of improvisation and visualisation which made for a very collaborative process. She is a truly inspiring director”Actress SANDRA MAITLAND

8′ A soldier is haunted by his experiences in the battlefield

2′ The hardest fight is with oneself

5′ A woman astronaut makes her final journey




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