This book illustrates the making of the feature documentary Call of the Maestro with the director’s still photographs and journal extracts. It charts the fascinating journey taken by award-winning Director Lou Hamilton and Director of Photography Paul Lang, across India in an exploration of Indian Classical Music, its Maestros and disciples.

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Creating Success in Daily Life is journal for you to record your dreams and accomplishments. Created by filmmaker and photographer Lou Hamilton, the journal’s practical techniques, inspirational writings and photo-works will show you how, by unleashing your imagination, you can create a life that helps you to feel fulfilled and successful.

£17.99 inc p&p. To order a copy CONTACT

“Lou your Daring to Dream is utterly beautiful – it simultaneously brought a lump to my throat and made me smile!” CA

“Love this! Our imaginations can and often do create our realities. Only recently did I realize how very often my dreams have come true over the course of my life. It has happened again and again and again. I’m convinced our outlook shapes our lives for better or worse. Thanks so much for sharing it!!” LW

“Amazing stuff – the power of the human mind” MN.

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