Script Corner


Lou’s screenplays are in varying stages of being rewritten or in development

Gunrunners, an Irish Mexican Western about a young Irishman who is trying to raise money in Mexico for the Irish Uprising 1916. Transfusion, a Sci-Fi about a young female trainee astronaut who is tasked with finding the cure for a Blood-type virus that threatens to wipe out three-quarters of the world. Loving Sugar, a dark comedy about a young female Tri-athlete whose best friend Sugar is dying so they decide to do the Pembrokeshire Ironman Challenge with Sugar in a wheelchair as a final send-off. DIP, a true story about children’s performance poet whose big chance at success is blown apart by a midlife crisis and the seductions of his talking sofa. Hell’s Angel, a short drama about a hormonal teenager whose myopic view of her working single mother, is shot to pieces by her Hell’s Angel Nan in her descent into Dementia. Lou is now developing this short as a feature screenplay Three Vikings; three women on a wrecked riverboat; Nan who has Alzheimer’s, teenager Maddie, and Sarah who is drowning in debt and trying to keep her family afloat. They are all at points of transition in their lives and each in conflict with each other. Forced together, they eventually find a way to support and care for each other.

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